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6 Ways to Stay on Budget this Summer

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Summer break is here! Testing, grading and tardy bells are a thing of the past. You teachers have moved on to your much deserved summer break. While you are enjoying your summer fun, don’t forget your budget. Teaching moment for all of our non-school employees: most teachers and staff of public schools are on a 9-month contract. They don’t get paid for summer break!

Some here are some tips to keep your summer budget from getting fried:

1. Look for free events in your neighborhood

Lots of great events happen in the summer totally free of charge. Check with your local parks and rec calendar for free movies and festivals, learn something at the library or visit the closest park. Pack your cooler full of drinks and snacks, and you won’t have to seek out a costly restaurant afterward.

2. Make the most of summer produce

Visit the farmer’s market and stock up on healthy vegetables. You don’t want the delicious veggies to go to waste in your refrigerator, so make a meal plan before you buy. Since the farmer is local, you may get an even better deal than the listed price. Ask if they offer discounts for shopping weekly or buying in bulk!  

3. Don’t schedule yourself (or your kids) to death

Think back on your childhood – some of the most fun moments of summer were catching lightening bugs out back, riding bikes through the neighborhood and splashing through the sprinkler. Leave room on your calendar for relaxation. It would be a shame to get to the end of your summer more run down than when you started.

4. Make a packing list for vacation

You’ve saved for your big family trip this year, so don’t blow your budget by not packing smart. The convenience store by your hotel definitely charges more for sunscreen and aloe vera than the supercenter in your hometown.

5. Borrow from the library

Get your summer reading material from the library instead of buying books and magazines. Most libraries have programs that allow you to put books on your Kindle, check out DVDs and video games and participate in book club.

6. More memories…less stuff

Snap photos and look back on your precious grandchildren at the beach. Take out your iPhone and make a video at the family reunion. Leave the shirts, hats, figurines and hermit crabs (with all the accessories) at Alvin’s Island. The best souvenirs are the memories. 


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