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Commentary by Mary Alice Hughes

            In the August 28-September 3 issue of Arkansas Business, the leading story headlined with: “A Math Problem…Arkansas’ teacher pipeline running low.” The story went on to highlight some alarming statistics such as:

6 Ways to Stay on Budget this Summer

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Summer break is here! Testing, grading and tardy bells are a thing of the past. You teachers have moved on to your much deserved summer break. While you are enjoying your summer fun, don’t forget your budget. Teaching moment for all of our non-school employees: most teachers and staff of public schools are on a 9-month contract. They don’t get paid for summer break!

Fast Facts with Mary Alice

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Mary Alice Hughes is a founder and co-owner of Insurance Advantage and LMA Financial Services. A 1991 graduate of Arkansas Tech University, Mary Alice has been a licensed insurance producer since January 1995. Mary Alice is endorsed by the Arkansas Retired Teachers Association and is an exclusive agent for their long-term care insurance and dental and vision insurance. Mary Alice also provides tax-deferred annuities and Medicare-related products.

Mary Alice may be a poster-child for adult ADHD – and the out-of-the-box thinking, humor, drive and passion that comes with it! She channels that energy into working with clients (especially public school employees) and changing lives.

Grab a snack (Mary Alice’s favorite is homemade Chex Mix) and find out more about Mary Alice.


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