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George Hopkins Retirement Message

We were sorry to read this week that Mr. George Hopkins will resign as ATRS Executive Director at the end of this year.  One of our owners, Mary Alice Hughes, has worked with active and retired school employees since January, 1995.  She will be quick to tell you that George Hopkins has been a terrific Director and her most favorite to hold the position. 

Unlike his predecessors, Mr. Hopkins answered his own phone calls, returned calls promptly, responded to emails quickly and never acted ?put out? by any questions or concerns.  From our perspective, he was an exemplary leader.

Thank you, Mr. Hopkins, for a job well done!  Thank you for caring about active and retired school personnel.  We wish you all the best in retirement!

As to the future, our prayers are that God will lead the ATRS Board of Directors as they search and interview candidates.  One thing is for sure?.the new Director will have big shoes to fill!

The link below is information about Mr. Hopkins retirement and the transition that is underway.  Please read.

Mary Alice Hughes & Lisa Bamburg, co-owners

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